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Frequently Asked Questions

With years of experience in the residential and commercial electrical space here in Connecticut we have acquired many satisfied clients. Below are just some of the many positive reviews left by our customers. We hope to have your review here in the future.

There are several questions you need to consider to determine the power your home or business requires during an unexpected power outage.

What is your comfort level? You could be without power for a few hours, or a few days. How secure will you feel depending on a flashlight or candles for an unpredictable amount of time?

What do you want to do that requires electricity? We all take electricity, the invisible power source inside our homes and businesses, for granted. But what do you do when you flick the switch and the lights don’t come on, the garage door doesn’t open, the stove burners stay cold and the computer becomes a very heavy paperweight on your desk? You need to be prepared for any emergency and choose the systems, electronics, appliances and equipment that you need to run during any power outage.

Do you have special needs? Consider the important things that you can’t do without. If you have a home office that must remain online, medical equipment that requires constant power, a chair lift that you need to use. If something must be working all them time, you need the power to make that happen.

Powerless, or Powerful? It’s up to you to be prepared. And we can help.

Similar to central air conditioners, generators are mechanical devices with motors that drive their operation, and so they emit a certain level of noise. As with any other sound, an acceptable level is a relative judgment. The varying degrees of loudness are determined by the generator’s design and the cost of the unit.

It helps to understand how the type of sound, as well as its loudness, is tolerated differently by each person.
Sound is measured in decibels. A decibel is a unit that describes the relative difference in sound. The decibel scale is logarithmic, which means for every 3 unit reduction in sound rating, the noise is reduced by half. So when a generator is rated at 75 decibels, it is half as loud as one rated at 78 decibels.

Sound levels can directly effect your comfort. Depending on location of your generator system, sound levels can be reduced by a few decibels. The chart below shows relative decibel ratings for common appliances you are used to hearing:

Common Noise Decibel (db) Level
Blender 88 db
Garbage Disposal 80 db
Dishwasher 75 db
Normal conversation 3ft. away 71 db
Oil fired hot water heater 69 db
Washing Machine 65 db

The standard distance for measuring sound for a generator is 7 meters or 23 feet. The sound level can vary from about 62 db to 66 db depending on the size of the generator system you choose.

Generac Gaurdian Series Deibel (db) Level
8kW 62 dBa
11kW 63 dBa
14kW 66 dBa
17kW 66 dBa
20kW 66 dBa

No matter what the noise level of your home’s generator system, when the power suddenly goes out, it produces a sound you will want to hear. Contact us to help you select the right power system based on your individual noise comfort level.

The amount of time that a generator system can run is dependent on several things. First, it depends on the choice of fuel used. If it is natural gas, the runtime will be as long as the power is out. If it is propane, the runtime is based on the size of the tank/s used.

Typical installation will have 1 – 100 gallon bottle setup. With a 10000 watt system, runtime could be expected to be about 1½ – 2 days of continuous runtime.

Second, the amount of items powered up during an outage directly effects the runtime of any system. The more electrical systems and appliances you want to use, the more fuel will be consumed.

At L-Train Electric, our support doesn’t end after the installation. Servicing your generator is paramount to keeping your system at its peak operating performance. This is where our commitment to you continues with L-Train Electric.

L-Train Electric is one of the few companies in the state of Connecticut that has full-time factory-trained technicians on staff to provide you with 24-hour emergency generator service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We can also provide scheduled maintenance to keep your power protection system running as reliably as it did on the day it was installed.

For more information call L-Train Electric at 860-343-1797.