residential generator preventative maintenance in ct

Generator Maintenance CT

CT Residential Preventative Maintenance

Once you invest in a Generac automatic home backup generator for your Connecticut home, you have the peace of mind that you’ll never be without power. But just like a car, backup generators need to be properly maintained to perform as intended. Preventative maintenance is of the utmost importance when it comes to your Generac Generator and L-Train is here to provide you with just that.

L-Train’s Generator Maintenance Divison is the best in CT!

L-Train provides generator maintenance in CT to thousands of residents across the state. Your Generac generator should be maintained and serviced by an authorized Connecticut-based Generac service technician twice a year to make sure that it will work without fail when the power goes out. Here in CT, Generator maintenace is incredibly important due to our notoriously harsh weather come winter and hurricane season. L-Train’s certified and trained Generac Technicians provide the best generator maintenance in Connecticut.

We know that prevantative maintenance esnures that your home, your family, and your Generac Generator are prepared for anything! You can’t beat this deal anywhere else in the state!

2 Visits Per Year for Only $250! You Get It All!
  • Fuel

    • Inspect fuel lines and Connections
    • Inspect fuel line
  • Lubrication

    • Inspect oil level
    • Replace oil (5W-30 Synthetic)
    • Replace oil filter
  • Cooling

    • Inspect and clean enclosure louvers
  • General Condition

    • Inspect vibration, noise, leakage and temperature
  • Battery

    • Inspect and clean any corrosion, ensure dryness
    • Inspect, clean and tighten battery terminals
    • Inspect and replace electrolyte level as necessary
    • Inspect charge state
  • Battery Cable

    • Remove corrosion, clean and tighten
  • Engine and Mounting

    • Inspect and replace air cleaner as necessary
    • Inspect and replace spark plug(s) as necessary
    • Inspect & adjust engine valves as needed
  • Outside Enclosure

    • Inspect vents
    • Wipe down
  • External Connection Box

    • Tighten terminals
    • Check for proper operations
    • Check control wiring connection
  • Electrical Systems

    • Inspect no load output voltage
    •  Inspect ground connector
    • Inspect earth ground
    • Inspect DC control fuse
    • Inspect battery charger fuse
    • Inspect auto/off/manual switch
    • Inspect levelness of generator

We look forward to providing you with superior generator maintenance in CT ,so you aren’t left in the dark when the power goes out. Call L-Train today!

For more information about our residential preventative maintenance agreements call L-Train Electric at 860-343-1797.