commercial generator preventative maintenance in ct

Commercial Preventative Maintenance

If you own a Generac generator your owners manual outlines routine maintenance recommendations.

Don’t Wait Until The Power Goes Out To Find Out That Your Generator Doesn’t Work!

Your Generac generator should be serviced by an authorized Generac service technician once a year to make sure it will work without fail when the power goes out.

L-Train is one of Connecticut’s leading Generac PowerPro Elite generator dealerships. PowerPro is the highest level of distinction available to members of Generac’s dealer network. It is open only to those that meet the most rigorous set of sales and customer service criteria. L-Train Electric LLC is proud of this status with Generac.

We look forward to providing you with superior maintenance services so you aren’t left in the dark when the power goes out.

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  • Fuel

    • Inspect fuel lines and Connections
    • Inspect fuel line
  • Lubrication

    • Inspect oil level
    • Replace oil (5W-30 Synthetic)
    • Replace oil filter
  • Cooling

    • Inspect and clean enclosure louvers
  • General Condition

    • Inspect vibration, noise, leakage and temperature
  • Battery

    • Inspect and clean any corrosion, ensure dryness
    • Inspect, clean and tighten battery terminals
    • Inspect and replace electrolyte level as necessary
    • Inspect charge state
  • Battery Cable

    • Remove corrosion, clean and tighten
  • Engine and Mounting

    • Inspect and replace air cleaner as necessary
    • Inspect and replace spark plug(s) as necessary
    • Inspect & adjust engine valves as needed
  • Outside Enclosure

    • Inspect vents
    • Wipe down
  • External Connection Box

    • Tighten terminals
    • Check for proper operations
    • Check control wiring connection
  • Electrical Systems

    • Inspect no load output voltage
    •  Inspect ground connector
    • Inspect earth ground
    • Inspect DC control fuse
    • Inspect battery charger fuse
    • Inspect auto/off/manual switch
    • Inspect levelness of generator

We look forward to providing you with superior generator maintenance in CT, so you aren’t left in the dark when the power goes out. Call L-Train today!

For more information about our commercial preventative maintenance agreements call L-Train Electric at 860-343-1797.