swimming pool wiring services in Connecticut

Need your swimming pool wired?

L-Train Electric specializes in the wiring of swimming pools, hot tubs, and other home improvements.

L-Train Electric is the electrical contractor to call if you need swimming pools wired. We will wire you swimming pools quickly and easily. Wiring swimming pools can be tricky for an electrical contractor that doesn’t do them very often. Code requirements for swimming pools are very specific and the building inspectors are very strict when it comes to swimming pools because if not done properly dangerous electrical hazards can develop. Wiring swimming pools focuses highly on grounding, bonding, and ground fault protection.

All the metal components of swimming pools need to be properly grounded and bonded so if any energized components come in contact with the water the circuit turns off immediately. This is for the protection of your loved ones. L-Train Electric has been wiring swimming pools for years and has always kept up on the latest codes. Give us a call today.

For more information about swimming pool wiring in CT call (860) 343-1797.