roof de-icing services in ct

L-Train Electric offers the best roof de-icing in CT

If you are looking for roof de-icing in CT , then look no further! The professional team at L-Train Electric goes out of their way to make sure you are 100% satisfied and strive to exceed your expectations for any and all services you need. When it comes to de-icing your CT home, L-Train has got you covered!

New England winters can be harsh, we all know that. Especially, here in Connecticut where we receive an average of 60 inches of snow annually. With CT winters’ chock full of cold weather and snow, it’s no surprise that we also get ice, ice, and more ice.

Ice Damming is the result of the accumulation of snow on your roof, and the process of water collecting while melting off, due to icing in your homes gutter system. The probability of ice damming increases dramatically when snow storms occur consecutively. These odds increase because there isn’t any time for the sun to melt off the snow naturally. Snow cover and ice damming on a roof can result in roof leaks and in extreme cases structural damage to a home. Avoid the costly repairs that come along with ice-damming damages and call L-Train today!

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