lighting services in ct

Lighting Services in CT by L-Train Electric

Does the lighting in your room leave much to be desired? Is it too bright or too dark? Is your current lighting setup faulty in some way? As a leading electrical contractor we provide excellent lighting services, from the installation of new indoor, outdoor, landscape, flood and under counter lighting to replacement and any electrical repair needs that you might require. The lighting scheme is not only important to the functionality of your home, but it also creates a mood, and you may want to opt for distinctive lighting options throughout the household. We offer a wide range of lighting options from leading manufacturers in the industry, and as a fully licensed and insured company, you can be confident that you’re protected when we’re on your property. We have over 15 years of experience in this industry, and our electricians are professionally trained and certified. Call us today to learn more about our lighting services.

Indoor Lighting in CT

The lighting throughout your CT home is incredibly important to your daily life. Whether you are building a new home from scratch and you need a professional electrician to implement architectural plans exactly, or you are remodeling your existing home, you need to make sure that your indoor lighting is just the way you want it. We offer a number of different lighting solutions for CT homes of all sizes.

Outdoor Lighting in CT

Illuminating the property outside your home is a great way to show off your landscaping, to make your home more secure or to alleviate any problematic dark areas, such as walkways and driveways, which can prove hazardous to guests coming in and out of the house. We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting options for our customers, and we can provide an excellent solution for your home. From flood lights on a motion–sensor to a dramatic illumination of the large conifer in your front yard, we can help you find an outdoor lighting system.

Landscape Lighting in CT

Landscape lighting in CT can add style to your property for nighttime viewing. Whether you are interested in it for reasons of home security or you have much–admired vegetation you’d like to show off to the neighbors, we provide a number of different landscape lighting solutions for your CT home, including those on timers and motion–sensors.

Flood Lights in CT

A well–placed flood light can do wonders for your driveway or backyard. Whether you’re out to deter prowlers in the yard or you simply want a light to turn on every time you pull up the driveway, we offer a number of flood lights for installation at your CT home. We can make sure that yours works properly and that you can easily control it. We use only high quality brands and time–tested installation techniques.

Under Counter Lighting in CT

If you’ve ever had to grab a flashlight to see what’s under your kitchen counters, or have groped helplessly in the dark, then you might like to consider our under counter lighting services in CT. We can outfit the cabinets underneath your kitchen counters or any other under counter spaces in the home with lights so that you don’t have to struggle to see in those dark spaces any longer. Call L-Train Electric today to learn more about our CT lighting services.

For more information about our lighting services throughout CT call L-Train Electric at 860-343-1797.