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Electrical Wiring Professionals You Can Count On 

If you’re anything like most homeowners, you probably don’t think too much about the Electrical Wiring that runs throughout the walls of your home, connecting the circuits to switches to fixtures, all of which is routed back into the circuit breaker panel. That is, of course, until something goes wrong, and your lights begin to flicker, your circuit breaker trips, or you lose power to an appliance. At L-Train Electric, we offer excellent electrical wiring services throughout CT, including electrical wiring installation for new homes, as well as whole house electrical rewiring, whether for reasons of code compliance or because of damage. We provide efficient and cost–effective solutions.

Let us take care of the Electrical Wiring in CT at your home. Our electricians are not only professionally trained and certified, but they are also background–tested to ensure quality control at all levels in our company. We are fully licensed and insured and we offer same day service for calls made before 10 AM. We have built up a reputation for customer service excellence and quality workmanship in our many years of doing business in CT. Let us find a solution to your electrical wiring issues. Contact Us today to schedule service.

We Offer The Following Electrical Wiring Services in CT:

  • Residential Electrical Wiring in CT
  • Whole-House Re-wiring in CT
  • Home Electrical Wiring in CT
  • Home Electrical Wiring Inspections in CT
  • Commercial Electrical Wiring in CT
  • Structured Wiring Systems in CT
  • Speciality and Custom Home Wiring in CT
  • Electrical Design in CT
  • New Construction Wiring in CT
  • & More

The Importance of Electrical Wiring in the Home

It’s not hard to realize the importance of electrical wiring in the home, but it’s worth recognizing from time to time. Every time you flick your exterior lighting on, turn on your flat screen TV, or run your whole house air conditioner, you depend on the integrity of the electrical wiring in your CT home. There are various codes and regulations that every electrician must bear in mind when designing and implementing an electrical wiring setup in your home. DIY and amateur electrical wiring can result in potentially faulty and even hazardous conditions for your home.

When to Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring in CT

How old is your CT home’s electrical wiring? Don’t know? It’s a good idea to ensure that you have such information to hand. The best way to go about evaluating whether or not you should consider upgrading your electrical wiring in CT is by hiring the professional electricians on our team. We can assess the age of your electrical wiring and give you our professional recommendation. Upgrading your wiring is important because old wiring is a potential fire hazard.

Signs that You Need Electrical Wiring Repair

If you notice flickering lights or any other issues with the way your electrical system operates, then you might need electrical wiring repair. It’s absolutely essential that your electrical repair be taken care of by a trained electrician so that you can rest easy knowing the problem is eliminated completely. With our electrical wiring repair service your electrical system will be much improved. Pick up the phone and call L-Train Electric today to learn more about what we can do for your home.

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