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We Repair & Replace Circuit Breakers Throughout Connecticut

Is your CT home powered properly?  Call L-Train Electrics certified electricians to schedule a Circuit Breaker Replacement in CT. Act now to update your home with the appropriate electrical circuit breakers and be on your way to secure, care-free, and continuous electricity.

What is an Electrical Circuit Overload and How Can I Prevent it?

Electrical circuit overloads happen when more amperage is transferred across an electrical wire than the circuit can handle.  Circuit overloads can be caused by loose, corroded, or faulty wires and connections.  However, most circuit overloads occur when you draw more power than the outlet’s maximum capacity.  For example, if you plug a laser printer into the same outlet as your computer tower, and you don’t have enough amperage to support the devices, a circuit breaker will be tripped or a breaker fuse will blow turning all devices using that circuit off.

In order to avoid overloading your circuits and prevent the risk of electrical fires, outlets should be upgraded to have the appropriate electrical capacity in each location of your CT home.  Let the professionals at L-Train Electric update and install the right circuit breakers in your home today.

L-Train Electric is ready to serve you with Circuit Breaker Replacement Services in CT, to make your home safer and more energy efficient.  Our professionals look forward to enhancing the safety, security and functionality of your home. Get the capacity to support all of your electrical needs by calling us for an appointment today!

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