With COVID-19 keeping the majority of us home, it’s truly the season for remodeling. But an electrical upgrade might come with your home remodel project. People are updating their kitchens, their bathrooms, their entire houses! With all this time at home, that project we’ve been putting off has been easier to take care of. But with these remodels, these questions always come up:

  • Do I need an electrical upgrade during my remodel?
  • Should I get an electrical upgrade at the same time, before, or after the remodel?

Good questions, the answers to which largely depend on the home and the remodeling projects being done. But the majority of the time, the answers are:

  • Yes, you probably do, and…
  • It’s usually more cost effective and safer to do the electrical upgrade at the same time as the remodeling project.

Of course, your home or circumstance may be different, but more often than not, you’ll want to take an upgrade into account. Especially  when it comes to kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, entertainment rooms or additions. Here are some safety tips to take into account.

Why Do I Need an Electrical Upgrade with My Remodeling Project?

If you live in an older home it’s possible your home has actually needed one for awhile now, depending on when you last had it done. Not only have our electrical demands increased over the years, but the building codes dictating how electrical work is done in homes have also changed. If your home isn’t currently up to code, adding new appliances, additional space, outlets, switches, etc. may well require an electrical upgrade in order to keep your home safe, efficient and up to local building codes.

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