It seems like every winter, there would be spell where a blizzard knocked out the electricity, or ice covered the trees and down they went. Here are some tips on how to prepare for winter storms.

When the power goes out, and the blizzard starts to rage, know what to do to stay safe and warm inside your house. 

But for people with no experience with winter power outages, a power outage can be dangerous. There are few areas of our country where the winters are not freezing cold, with a guarantee of some sort of blizzard, snow or ice event, so protect your family and be ready for this winter storm situation.

Top Tips to Prepare Your Home For a Winter Storm Power Outage

Before the Storm Hits

– Hopefully, you will have double-pane windows that are insulated and well-sealed. If not, or you notice a draft around the edges. You can cover the windows on the outside with Visqueen Plastic Sheeting and a simple staple gun, or use the newer Shrink Film kits for the inside. Check and repair the caulking around the window seals. Don’t seal the house to be completely airtight! Carbon monoxide is a real danger with any heat source that relies on a flame!

– Have your water pipes been insulated? If not, that is one of the first tasks that should be done before the temperatures dip below freezing.

Use Resources When the Power Fails

– Close off the parts of the house you aren’t living in. For a major storm and potential for electricity to fail, make a plan to pull everyone into a smaller area of the home to conserve heat and resources. Hang blankets over doors, and roll up towels to put at the bottom of doors and windows. Cardboard, cut to fit, is a great insulator, but it blocks the light. The real key to insulation is to stop the drafts from the wind.

– Lighting: Make the best use of light sources in the smaller area.

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