Winter Storm Bailey in Connecticut

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Winter Storm Bailey in Connecticut

With Winter Storm Bailey among us, be sure to prepare for the storm in the correct way. Practice safety tools. These safety tools will keep us all prepared. Be sure to give us a call if need be. We’re here for you.

This winter storm is expected to bring heavy snow to most of the state starting Wednesday night.

As of Wednesday afternoon’s forecast, Winter Storm Bailey looked to deposit anywhere between 12 and 20 inches of snow across most of the state. The shoreline and southeastern Connecticut could see 10 to 16 inches.

The storm might leave you without power. Be sure your generator is working and maintained. You will be needing it, if unfortunately we are without power.

According to Channel 3; This winter, the theme is pet names, which is an extension of last winter’s theme. We only had 1 named storm last winter, and that was Winter Storm Abel. So, we decided to start where we left off. That’s why the first name on this winter’s list is Bailey, named after a horse.

Winter storm updates to come!

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