If you’re a homeowner in Connecticut, then chances are you’ve seen an ice dam on your roof at least once. Ice dams form when melted snow freezes on your roof. Letting these ice dams exist poses a serious threat to the integrity of your roof and gutters.

So, what’s the solution? Roof Deicing cables.

What Are Deicing Cables?

Roof deicing cables are installed along the edges of roofs. These cables don’t exactly keep snow off of your roof; on the contrary, they generate heat to keep the snow around them from freezing, effectively creating a path for the snow to slide off or into gutter systems. 

The Benefits Outweigh Utility Costs

Now you may be thinking: won’t deicing cables drive up the cost of electricity? While it may cause spikes during the dead of winter, they will certainly help to protect your roof. 

Think about it this way: would you rather have to pay for a new roof? With deicing cables, you can rest easy knowing that ice dams won’t threaten your roof again.

In addition, roof deicing cables protect your home from water damage. Since ice dams prevent water from draining, the water will eventually seep through your roof’s shingles. Guess what happens when water gets through your shingles and into your house? You’ll be looking at a repair bill worth thousands of dollars.

Ready To Have Deicing Cables Installed On Your Roof? Call L-Train Electric

If you’re interested in having deicing cables installed on your roof, then it’s best to have it done by a professional company, like L-Train Electric. If you consider yourself handy, then it may be tempting to do it yourself; however, if you don’t have any experience, you could end up installing it incorrectly. If that happens, your deicing cables won’t be nearly as effective as they were intended to be. Don’t make this mistake–call L-Train Electric today!