An electrical panel performs the important task of receiving power from the utility and distributing it to various parts of the house. This is why you should know the signs below that indicate the need to upgrade your home’s electrical panel. Also always work with L-Train Electric for your safety and the best service about your electrical panel.

Can’t Reset Breakers

If a circuit breaker trips and you are unable to reset it properly, there is a very likely chance there is a serious problem with your home’s electrical panel and it may require replacement.

Circuit Breakers Tripping Frequently

When a circuit breaker trips, electricity is cut to prevent the circuit from overheating and causing a deadly fire. Tripping may often occur if your home’s electrical demands constantly surpass the existing electrical panel’s capacity. Also this is why lights flicker when a major appliance turns on. If this seems to be your situation, an upgrade to a new electrical panel with a greater capacity of 200 amps may be necessary to meet modern electrical needs.

Old Age

Electrical panels and their circuit breakers are designed to have service lives of several decades. Also it may be past time for a replacement if your older home still has the original unit. It would be a good idea to call a licensed electrician to perform an inspection.

Warning Signs of Electrical Fire

If you smell an acrid odor coming from the electrical panel. It is a critical warning sign of an electrical fire hazard that must be addressed right away. Another symptom is finding discolorations around the circuit breakers. In either case, call L-Train for an inspection to protect your family.

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