Residents around Connecticut are currently recovering after the impact from Tropical Storm Elsa. This storm was expected to affect the state Friday morning. There was some concern about a significant flood threat from Tropical Storm Elsa. With scattered power outages and flash flooding possible.

To prepare for the next storm, we have you covered take precautionary measures. Before you run into any sort of trouble:

  • Create an emergency storm kit. Gather enough bottled water, canned goods, pet food (if you have pets in the house), flashlights, batteries, medications, and essentials. These items you cannot go for a few days without
  • Charge all electronic devices before the storm hits. This is to stay connected in case you lose power
  • If you have a floor drain, make sure it is open and clear of any blockage or debris. This in case of flash flooding
  • Elevate any items or furniture you would not want to be damaged in case of flooding
  • If your residence does tend to flood, contractors say to take note of where the water is coming from to repair the trouble spot after the storm is over

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