If you’ve ever had to endure a power outage before, then you know how valuable generators can be. The question is, should you get a standby generator or a portable generator? And what’s the difference between the two, anyway? Today we’ll answer both of these questions and more.

The Difference Between Standby Generators & Portable Generators

Standby generators are permanent power solutions that get fixed to your house. If the power goes out, standby generators start automatically. Portable generators, on the other hand, must be hooked up and activated manually. Moreover, each generator type uses different fuel types: standby generators are powered by natural gas or liquid propane, and portable generators are powered by gasoline.

Which Type of Generator Is Right For You?  

If you’re trying to decide between the two, then the answer is easy: get a standby generator. Whether you need to protect business or home assets, the “set it and forget it” benefit you get from owning a standby generator just can’t be beat. Still not convinced? How about the fact that…

  • The American Red Cross recommends permanently installed backup generators as a safer way to provide backup power to a home than a portable generator.
  • With an automatic backup generator properly installed outside, your home is protected from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning that is a much greater risk with portable generators.
  • Running on the home’s natural gas or LP fuel supply, it is less expensive to run than gasoline and does not need to be refilled.
  • They start automatically within seconds of a power outage, and eliminate the need to haul a portable generator outside or run extension cords throughout your home.
  • They provide protection 24/7, whether you’re home or away, and they turn themselves off when utility power returns, so there is no need to monitor the unit during an outage.

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