The sun’s out; must be summertime! The only problem with this season is that people often neglect proper electrical safety. There are electrical hazards it’s important to watch out for year-round. Yet summer presents an additional amount of risks which you and your family should be aware of. Here are some summer electrical safety tips that L-Train wants you to watch out for.

Our Top Electrical Safety Tips for Summer:

  • Keep Cords & Electrical Equipment Away from Water: Between swimming, water gun fights, boating, and more, there are always reasons to be around water in the summer. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea not only keep wires and electrical equipment away from water. Also cover up any outlets that may be at risk of getting splashed.
  • Unplug Devices During Thunder Storms: Lightening and thunder are a lot more common in the summer, and often lead to power surges and blackouts. Unplug the important things during a powerful storm.
  • Consider Purchasing a Standby Generator: Per the last item, you may want to buy a backup generator for your home this summer, should you end up losing power at some point. In general, you tend to use more power in summer, which means you also stand a greater risk of losing power. Talk to a licensed electrician about getting a standby generator, rather than a generic one which may leak carbon monoxide. Remember, protecting your appliances is one thing, but protecting your family requires extra care and attention.
  • Don’t Let Your Children Play Near Power Lines: Obviously, your children are more likely to want to play outside during the summer. Because of this, it is important to keep an eye on power lines, utility poles, and electrical boxes.

L-Train Electric Is Looking Out for You

At L-Train Electric, our number one goal is to keep you safe. We are fully committed to our customers’ well-being, which is why we are loved all over Connecticut.

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