We live and work in a world that’s consistently connected. It’s very easy to forget those power outages will also mean the loss of the Internet. This means: social media, for many even phone calls, become impossible (if you’re running an Internet-connected phone) and the power is out.

If your business depends on communications and connected systems to operate, or if your home requires electricity to keep the heat going and the water running, having a back-up plan in emergency situations is key.

A power outage back-up system can be a critical and wise investment especially if your business and loved ones depend on it.

Many will include generators in their emergency preparations especially if you live in an area regularly affected by extreme weather conditions. After all, you can never be too sure that your operations will continue if wind knocks branches on to a power line or heavy snowfall creates power surges.

Here are 4 things to consider this winter:

Install a Backup Generator

This is the first idea most think of when it comes to back-up power and it’s the right route. A generator that supplies you with immediate reconnection to the electrical devices in your home until power is restored is an important must-have for many homes and businesses today. Take control of your ability to keep running smoothly no matter what weather conditions arise.

Invest in Surge Protection

Even if the power only trips for a minute and does not go out completely, you still might be putting the expensive electronics running throughout your home at risk of irreparable damage. To prevent electrical issues from plaguing your home after a storm, invest in surge protection solutions. Options for whole-house surge protection and surge protectors added to the electrical panel in your home are available.

Keep Flashlights & Batteries On-hand

You can never be too sure. It’s not a bad idea to keep some extra batteries and flashlights in your emergency preparations kit. You’ll never know if you need to head outside in blackout conditions or will need to illuminate an area as you wait for power to be restored.

Consider Roof De-icing

Even if you manage to keep the power on in your home throughout a winter storm, that doesn’t mean Mother Nature won’t dump several inches of snow down on to your home. If you want to protect your roof and your home from the heavy load of this snow consider roof de-icing. These systems can prevent damming and ice from forming at critical points on the roof and gutter system and putting your dwelling at risk for damage.

Go into the winter 2020 season knowing you’ve got a power back-up plan in advance of whatever winter storms come through New England.

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