Electrical safety is a concern for homeowners. But, why does the discussion about preventive measures stop with indoor electricity? Have you considered checking your outdoor outlet safety checklist?

The elements that exist outdoors present a whole new set of dangers that can arise and cause electrical mishaps.

Preventative Measures

  • Free from Water – This may seem easy to understand, but keep electronics and wiring away from pools, hot tubs and any outdoor water source.
  • Update Outlets Speak to a L-Train Certified Electrician for more information. Also for a quote!
  • Electrical Awareness – Extension cords or wires should not be stretched over lawn. Also, be careful when using a weed eater around wires around the foundation of your home.
  • Storm Safety – When thunder is heard, be sure to stop all outdoor activity, (i.e. outdoor grilling, swimming)

More Things to Think About

Weatherproof Your Outdoor Electrical Outlets | David Gray ...

  • Outlet Safety – The following tips are crucial to ensuring your safety around the outlets and will help them last longer and function properly.
    • Use an outlet cover and
    • Do not overload one outlet with too many electronics and
    • Keep outlet clear of grass clippings and
    • Test the outlet often for problems in the wiring.
  • Free from Potential Problems – Outdoor lighting need to be free from tangles, snags, and potential threats of getting cut or frayed.

Electrical safety outdoors should be as important as electrical safety indoors. The experts at L-Train can help update all of your outdoor outlets and electronics. For an electrical safety inspection, contact your L-Train Electric and trust them with your electrical needs.

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