If you recently bought a new home and you’re planning to renovate it before you move in, it might be a good idea to include some upgrades to the electrical system in the project. Many houses, even ones that aren’t particularly old, have outdated or damaged electrical components. It will be easier for contractors to address those issues if they’ll be opening walls and ceilings anyway.

Electrical Outlets

Older houses often don’t have enough electrical outlets to suit the needs of families who use lots of electrical devices. Think about how you and your family spend your time at home and the number of devices you use or charge at any given time. Then look at the number of outlets in each room and ask yourself if there are enough. If not, have an electrician install some more while other renovations are being done.

If you’re planning to have your basement finished and converted into a family room or playroom for your kids, you’ll need plenty of outlets for a TV, stereo, videogames, and lights. Think about your family’s current needs and how they might change in the future so you can have a contractor install an adequate number of outlets.

Electrical Capacity

Electrical panels have fuses or limited space for circuits. In an older house, the electrical capacity might not be enough to handle all the appliances and devices a modern family uses. An electrician can upgrade the electrical service while your new home is being renovated.


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are important safety features that can prevent serious injuries. A GFCI will automatically turn off the electricity if the device that is plugged into it comes into contact with moisture to prevent electrocution. GFCIs should be installed in kitchens and bathrooms, but many older homes don’t have them.


Since your family will spend a lot of time cooking, eating, and socializing in the kitchen, it’s important to have good lighting. If the kitchen is poorly lit or has outdated lights, you can have a contractor install some new lighting fixtures to make the space brighter, more inviting, and more functional. While you’re thinking about lighting, take a walk around the house and look for any other spaces that could benefit from more or better fixtures.

Upgrade Your New Home’s Electrical System Now

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