Getting the right lighting in your home can make a big difference in its overall look and feel. Different types of light fixtures can provide different kinds of light to a room and the way that the light fixture looks can change its style. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you pick out the best lighting setup possible for your home and keep things up to date as your home changes over the years.

Lighting Styles and Installation Ideas for 2020 Homes

Even if you are not renovating your entire home, changing up its lighting setup can help you to freshen up the space. Some modern ideas for lighting your home in 2020 include:

Industrial Styles

The industrial style has been popular for a while now, and it is only increasing in popularity. Dark metal elements with exposed bulbs make for great light fixtures, especially when used in chandeliers and pendant lights. Edison bulbs can give off a nice, warm glow while complementing the industrial fixtures, and there are many options available for LED Edison bulbs to save on energy.

Hidden Lights

Using unseen light sources is becoming a popular way of providing soft lighting to a room. Examples of this could include a series of lights hidden behind the rim of a shelf and pointing at the wall or ceiling, or a string of LED’s tucked along the edge of a vaulted ceiling, similar to a movie theatre. Lighting under cabinets has been around for a long time, and they continue to be popular as a source of hidden lighting.

Smart Lighting Technology

Smart home technology is making some differences in how light fixtures are put in. Many smart light fixtures offer various light settings. Which include; different levels of light for different times of day and various color settings.

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