New homeowners and those that have lived there for many years may have an outdated electrical system in the home that needs attention. It’s not something many think about right away. You hit a light switch and the fixture turns on. Your TV and other devices work. But there could be an outdated electrical panel that’s decreasing efficiency and even causing dangers.  Here are some of the things to keep in mind when it comes to the electrical panel currently used in your home.

Fuse or Circuit?

Do you know the method your electrical panel uses to turn electrical sources on and off? Circuit and fuse options differ. As the names state, the box will either be filled with rows of switches or circuits. Each has its own safety concerns if not set-up and maintained properly. It’s best to become familiar with the dos and don’ts to keep your home safe from the threat of a fire.

Is Your Panel Overloaded?

If your home is older than say, 1990, then chances are you may have an overloaded fuse box. Years before electronics and today’s connected devices were used in the home, there was much less need for electrical power sources. Overtime many started to add new fuses into the box and they have become overcrowded.

Obvious Signs

There are some very visible, audible and obvious signs that your electrical panel is outdated. If you notice any of these it’s important to get a professional electrician out to assess and fix the issue for you. This includes seeing any burn marks in or around the panel, smelling burning plastic coming from the unit (even if it doesn’t look burned) or hearing buzzing and crackling from the panel. These are all serious indications of an issue.

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