Here at L-Train Electric, we want to make sure that you stay safe this fall and winter when it comes to your generator. You can’t control the weather, but you can control your generator. Here is a generator safety checklist to help keep you and your family safe if your power goes out this season:

Be in The Know

It’s easy to slip up when you haven’t taken the time to read up. Always read your owner’s manual before operating your generator. Also ask to see if there is an easy step guide!

Take it Outside

Keep those fumes away from your home. Use your generator outside with the exhaust directed away from openings to your home. Make sure your generator is at least 20 feet away from any occupied building. Let’s play it safe and follow the rules.

No Harm Done

When it comes to portable generators, it might seem simple to plug in your generator and let it run. However, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Hire an electrician to install a transfer switch to wire your portable generator power to your household circuits. This helps avoid creating back-feed to power lines. That can injure neighbors or utility workers.

Keep it Dry

Be kind to your generator and keep it dry. This will avoid exposure to weather. Do not operate a portable generator in the rain or in any standing water. Weather conditions can also damage exposed areas. This can also cause a unite to be inoperable or even extremely dangerous.

Give it a Break

Sometimes even generators need a break. Avoid overloading your generator by following the directions provided by the manufacturer for load capacity. Overloading can seriously damage your valuable appliances and electronics.

Generator Safety Checklist? CHECK!

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