Summer is here and temperatures are spiking – is your energy bill? Cool things down with these energy saving tips…

Put a freeze on your cooling bill:

  • Give your HVAC some TLC.
    Change your filter regularly and schedule annual professional maintenance to ensure efficient operation and extend the life of your system.
  • Put a plug in it.
    Address leaks and gaps in ductwork and leaks in your home structure.
  • Get with the program.
    Looking for effortless energy saving tips? Keep your home warmer in the summer while you are away, but still return to a cool, comfortable home with the help of a programmable thermostat. Set it at 78 degrees Fahrenheit (or warmer) for optimum savings, raising the temperature when you leave.
  • Stop pressing that button.
    Much like the button for an elevator, cranking the thermostat down will not cool your home any faster but instead wastes energy dollars.
  • Put a spin on it.
    Using ceiling fans in occupied rooms can help you raise thermostat temperatures by 4 degrees Fahrenheit without a reduction in comfort, giving your air conditioner a break. Turn off fans when you leave or install sensors to ensure savings.
  • Have it made in the shade.
    Some energy saving tips won’t cost you any money – like pulling window treatments to block the sun’s rays during the hottest times of the day to prevent your air conditioner – and you – from feeling the heat.

Keep your home out of hot water:

  • Vent your problems.
    Properly using natural ventilation – opening windows and doors in the morning and evening when it is cool, then closing them before temperatures rise – can really take a load off your cooling needs. Not enough? Mechanical ventilation (WHAT IS AN ATTIC VENTILATOR ARTICLE LINK) can lend a hand as well.
  • Take a cold shower.
    Cooler, shorter showers save energy and reduce uncomfortable humidity levels in your home. To ensure savings, turn down your water heater to the warm setting – 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Get out of the kitchen…
    At least during the hottest times of the day. Cook in the morning instead, when temperatures are cooler, or opt for microwaves or outdoor grilling for food prep.
  • Fill yourself up.
    Don’t run dishwashers, clothes washers, or dryers until they are fill, preferably at night to reduce heat and humidity released into your home. Opt for air-drying as often as possible.
  • Get a bright idea…
    Like ditching those ancient incandescent light bulbs, which give off 90 percent of their energy as heat. Instead opt for cooler, more efficient alternatives like CFLs or LEDs.
  • Treat that spring fever.
    Looking for energy saving tips that give you an excuse to have fun? Spend less time indoors – swimming, hiking, and gardening your way to energy savings!

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