Whether you have kids of your own or kids who visit your home frequently, it’s important to be aware of these electrical safety tips in Connecticut.

Install Childproof Outlets

Toddlers love to stick fingers, objects and pretty much anything they can get their hands on into small spaces. Outlets are an extremely dangerous source of temptation for them to do just that. Installing electrician-approved childproof outlets that can’t be removed by little hands are the best way to ensure the safety of little ones that may be a bit too curious for their own good.

Don’t Overload Outlets

Most kids use electronics every day, and while it’s important to allow kids to figure out how things work on their own, we also need to guide them along the way when it comes to electrical safety. An important thing to teach your kids is not to overload one outlet or extension cord. Try keeping one particular outlet designated for charging their electronic devices and periodically check on it to make sure they’re not overloading it. If any outlet is sparking or is omitting a burning odor, discontinue use and call L-Train Electric right away.

Keep Liquids Away from Cords and Outlets

When liquid gets into an outlet, it could cause a short that could cause damage to your entire electrical system or start an electrical fire. Whether children live in your home or not, your kitchen and bathrooms should be fitted with GFCI outlets. Since the risk of shock is higher due to the presence of water near electrical outlets. GFCI outlets monitor the amount of electricity flow in a particular circuit and will stop it when an imbalance is detected, preventing electrical shock. If not equipped with GFCI outlets, call L-Train Electric right away for installation.

Teach Cord Safety

Electrical safety for kids involves teaching them simple concepts as soon as they’re old enough to understand them. If you teach your children from a young age how to safely plug a cord into an outlet and remove it, they’re more likely to be more conscious of how they use electronics as they grow. Electrical cords should never be yanked out of a socket. Since excessive force can cause the components of an outlet to be pulled out of place. This can lead to exposed wires and fire hazards. Kids should be taught to remove cords gently.

Watch for Electrical Equipment Outside

Electrical safety for kids doesn’t just include the inside of your home. When playing outside, make sure you warn kids of the dangers of playing near green pad mount transformers. Also often called electrical boxes, especially playing in the dirt surrounding them. Electrical boxes indicate that there are electrical wires buried underneath the ground. Also kids should steer clear of that area entirely. Tell them if they notice any damage to the boxes or components not to touch them. And also to tell you right away so you can call your electric company.

Call L-Train Electric at the First Sign of a Problem

We hope these electrical safety tips gave you some helpful ideas for keeping your kids safe. Call if you have any questions. Either about electrical safety for kids or have an issue with the electrical system in your home.

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