Light switches and outlet covers can often get overlooked when it comes to cleaning. It’s not the first thing people think to maintain. However, L-Train Electric recommends cleaning them periodically…so find out why!

Light Switch Covers

Why you should clean them:

  • Light switches are common places for germs. The flip is switched on and off throughout the day and night by multiple people. Even if you live alone, you’re still tracking in germs from other areas.

How to clean them safely:

  • Never spray cleaning products directly to the light switch. If the liquid entered the switch plate, there’s a major safety risk.
  • Locate the electric box in your home or business to turn off the circuit breaker or fuse. This will prevent electrocution and other risks.
  • Turned electricity off.
  • Remove the light switch plate from the wall with a screwdriver. Clean it directly with soap and warm water.
  • Dry thoroughly and screw back on the wall, then turn the electric box back on.

Outlet Covers

Why you should clean them:

  • The reasons are similar to the light switch covers. They attract germs easily.
  • The coloring can also change over time as the surface collects dust.

How to clean them safely:

  • Turn the power off to prevent and safety hazards.
  • Remove the power plate cover. This can be simply wiped down with warm water and soap.
  • Spray a dust/dirt removal agent on a cotton swab and carefully wipe away the dirt on the power outlet.
  • If the cover looks too discolored, it’s cheap to replace from any hardware store!
  • Apply the cover back on the wall and turn the power back on.

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