The residential electrical panel of your home wiring system is its core. As well its link to the outside electrical grid, from where you get all your electricity. If your electrical panel is unable to support the amount of electricity that you use, you could see power outages. This can be a very dangerous situation in your home. The electricians at L-Train can help you determine whether your panel needs an upgrade, then take care of the job.

Your main electrical panel is usually a large grey box which is located in your garage or basement. Inside you would find several switches. Those switches are your breakers, and when they trip, an electrical outage will occur.


You have “screw-in” style fuses – It’s not uncommon for older homes to have these types of panels. When screw-in fuse panels were introduced, they were okay. However, because of the amount of electricity that today’s home typically use, they are no longer considered adequate. An upgrade should be in order.
Your breakers trip frequently – Even if you don’t have old, screw-in fuses, if you have breakers that frequently trip, lights that constantly flicker, or if you’re unable to use multiple major appliances at once, you most likely need your panel upgrades. Old, outdated panels are more than just an inconvenience.Our panel upgrade technicians understand how important your electrical system is to your Connecticut home and your family, and well make sure that it’s completely safe and totally reliable. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that your electrical panel can handle the amount of electricity that your home regularly uses. We also know that panel upgrades can take time, and that they can be a major interruption in your daily life. Our professionals will work to get the job done as quickly as possible.

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