outdoor lighting in garden

We at L-Train Electric are suckers for good landscape lighting. When done right, landscape lights can make your home more attractive and more safety-conscious. But how exactly can you “do it right?” There are, after all, a few different lighting designs to choose from? What’s the difference between a floodlight and a spotlight? Which will give your home the value it deserves? Here’s 4 of our favorites.

Path Lights

The purpose of path lights is to shine pools of light at your feet. This is why they are perfect for lighting walkways. Friends, neighbors, delivery men, and all other visitors will appreciate some tasteful path lights, especially at night. 

Spot Lights

Spotlights are meant to illuminate a specific area or spot. If there’s an area of your property that you really want to show off–a favorite tree, an area of your garden, your pool–then use spot lights.  

Flood Lights

The difference between flood and spot lights is this: flood lights “flood” areas with light, and spot lights focus on a specific spot. Motion sensor flood lights maximize safety by lighting up dark corners, entryways, and exit ways of your home.

Accent Lights

If you want a very narrow light spread to show off your patio or steps, then consider accent lights. 

Ready to Get Started with Landscape Lighting?

If you would like to get landscape lights installed at your property, then L-Train Electric can help. We love using lights to transform homes and businesses. If you want to enhance the look and usability of your home or business’ exterior, then contact us today!