While we can’t always control our rent or mortgage payments, we can influence our monthly utility bills. If you live in Connecticut, then there’s really no reason why you can’t reduce your electricity usage during both the winter and summer months: it just requires you to trade old energy-wasting habits for new, energy-saving habits. Ready to get started? Here we go!

Unplug Unused Electronics

Chris Rock often jokes about how his father would unplug the clocks at night, arguing that “nobody needs to tell time in their sleep.” This is both humorous and effective. We believe in leaving clocks plugged in, but you can certainly unplug your toaster, chrockpot, and coffee maker to save money. If it’s not a hassle to plug it back in when you want to use it, then you should certainly unplug it when it’s not in use. Even though the appliance may not be turned on, if it’s plugged in, then it’s still drawing power.

Use Task Lights In Office & Hobby Stations

There’s no point in using your ceiling light during the day. Instead, make smart use of task lights, like lamps. Whether it’s a hobby desk or a work desk, leave the main light switch off, and turn on a task light. Task lighting draws less power than ceiling lights. For extra credit, use lamps at night too.

Switch Electric Suppliers: Try Energize CT

If you’re using your electric company as your electric supplier, then chances are that you’re paying more than you have to. Energize CT is an amazing program that allows you to choose your own electric supplier. While your electric bill will still be distributed to you by your electric company, you can have another company supply the electricity to your home. Since they want your business, you’ll find that many supplier rates are cheaper than your electric company’s. To learn more, visit https://www.energizect.com/

Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring

If you’ve got an old home, then chances are that your electrical wiring is outdated. If this is true, then those old wires are probably struggling to keep up with modern electrical demands. The good news is that there is a solution: L-Train electric can inspect your electrical wiring for you. If you live in Connecticut, then give us a call, we’ll help you determine if it’s time to upgrade.