Many of us rely on electricity every day. Thanks to electricity, we have lights to work under, computers to type on, and a variety of toys and appliances to play with. As beneficial as electricity is to many homes and businesses, it can cause injuries if certain precautions are not taken. Today we’ll offer 4 electrical safety tips that everyone should be aware of.

Keep Electrical Equipment & Appliances Away From Water

Everyone must know that electricity and water do not mix: not only can water damage electrical equipment, but it can also cause fires, injury, and even death to users; therefore, be proactive by ensuring that all cords and appliances are kept at a safe distance from water. For example, take some time to thoroughly examine the placement of appliances in your bathroom. If you have a young child, then make sure hair dryers and other tools are kept at a far distance from the tub.

Never Overload Your Outlets (Use Power Strips If Necessary)

Overloading your outlets can cause sparks and fires. If you must use one outlet for many plugs, then be sure to utilize a power strip. Power strips are ideal for situations where you need to focus many plugs into one area of a room.

Replace Damaged or Fraying Cords

If you notice wires in your cords are exposed, then it’s best to either replace them entirely, or repair them with electrical tape. Exposed wires susceptible to further damage or fire, so if you see them, address them immediately. 

Childproof Your Home With Outlet Covers & Wire Consolidation

Babies, toddlers, and young children are curious by nature. They do not fully understand why putting their fingers in outlets are bad. To keep them safe, fit your outlets with covers. In addition, be sure to tuck cords and wires away neatly. If you’re dealing with long wires or cords, you can secure them against the wall with electrical tape.