For many people, the electric bill is one of their largest monthly home-related expenses, aside from the mortgage. If your electricity costs are higher than you would like, especially in the summer and winter, there are some simple steps that may help you get them under control.

Cut Down on Air Leakage

Many homeowners don’t realize how much heat is lost in the winter and how much cooled air is lost in the summer because of gaps around windows and doors. Even if you don’t feel drafts, there may be small openings that you can’t see. They may be reducing your home’s energy efficiency, allowing heated or cooled air to escape to the outdoors, and driving up your electricity bills.

You don’t necessarily have to replace the windows or doors to cut down on energy loss. You may be able to seal gaps yourself using supplies such as caulk or weather stripping that can be found at any home improvement store and get your energy bills down to more manageable levels.

Insulate Your Pipes and Water Heater

Homeowners are often surprised by how much heat is lost from their pipes and water heater and how easy it can be to address the problem. You may be able to insulate the water heater and pipes yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you.

Installing insulation can let you lower the temperature setting on the water heater and enjoy hot water faster. When you turn on a shower or a faucet in the kitchen or bathroom, instead of having to wait for the water to heat up, you will have hot water quickly and will waste less energy and water.

Stop Paying for Electricity for Devices You Aren’t Using

When you turn off electronic devices and appliances, many go into standby mode and continue to use energy. That lets them power up quickly when you want to use them, but it also causes you to pay for electricity when you aren’t using them. You may be surprised by how much you can lower your electricity bills simply by unplugging appliances and devices that are not being used or by setting timers to turn them off at regular intervals to conserve energy.

Get Help with Electrical Repairs

L-Train Electric is a full-service electrical contracting company serving residential customers across Connecticut. We can help with a variety of services, including installation and upgrade of electrical wiring, circuit breaker repair, and replacement, and installation of indoor and outdoor lights and ceiling fans.

We understand that an electrical problem can occur at any time. Our team of licensed electricians is available around the clock to provide emergency repairs. We take pride in our record of excellent customer service and are committed to doing the job right the first time. Contact us for help with emergency repairs or routine electrical work.