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Lower Your Power Bill in CT
Save Money On Power Bill CT

Energy Deregulation in CT

Did you know that Connecticut is one of 19 states that has passed Energy Deregulation? What this means is that you can take advantage of choosing a supplier while keeping your utility provider. Not many CT residents are aware of this option and end up feeling stuck with whatever supplier they have. L-Train Electric is here to give you the options you've been looking for in order to save money on your utility bill. Same power bill. Same Service. GREAT Rate.

How Can We Lower Your Power Bill in CT?

L-Train's team of Energy Specialists & Certified Electricians have the experience and knowledge needed to lower your Utility Bill in CT. First things first, we will analyze your power bill by assessing your current energy usage, historical usage & energy rate. It is our goal to not only lower your energy consumption through energy efficient upgrades but to lower your actual energy rate. 


Let us meet all your energy needs throughout your home and business.

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