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Hurricane Season 2017 is HERE... 

L-Train Wants YOU to be PREPARED this year!


Over the past few years, Connecticut has been devastatingly affected by MAJOR Hurricanes--Especially, Hurricane Irene in August 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Hurricane Sandy was classified as a "Superstorm" due to its massive size and destructive force. To this day, hundreds of thousands of individuals are STILL dealing with the catastrophic mess that Sandy left behind.  During both of these hurricanes, hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents were left without power for days on end. When you're sitting in the dark for that long, especially with family or young children, four or five days feels like an eternity.  It's in moments like these when you find yourself wishing you had a backup generator for your CT home. Let the knowledgable and professional team at L-Train help.

L-Train knows that power failures can be more than just a hassle.. they can be expensive and dangerous. When your CT home loses power a lot of things can go wrong. A blackout can disable your home's most vital features. Without power, heating and air conditioning systems, freezers, refrigerators, water pumps, and lighting can be all be disabled.  If your home is not backed up by a generator, things can get pretty uncomfortable. Without a generator to keep the heat running, water pipes can freeze and burst, food can spoil, and your sump pump could end up failing, flooding your basement. These blackout related problems can become very expensive. We've broken down the true cost of power outages for you...


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