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Free 10-Year Extended Generac Generator Warranty

Limited-time only extended warranty for Generac Generators

Currently, Generac is offering a FREE 10-Year extended warranty with the purchase of a Generac Home Standby Generator by September 16, 2016. Don't miss out on this amazing deal & Contact L-Train Electric today!

As an Authorized Generac Dealer in Connecticut, not only does L-Train Electric's Generac Generator Division provide warranty service for your Generac generator, but we can also assist you in getting either a 5 year, 7 year or 10 year extended warranty for your Generac generator. 

If your generator is registered and is less than 1 year old from the date of its purchase.  Generac will offer you 5,7, or 10 year parts and labor warranties for your generator. If for any reason your generator fails to perform as designed then Generac will coordinate the repair or replacement of your Generac air or liquid cooled power plant at no charge. This is a great value, gives you peace of mind, and guarantees system functionality for the life of this extended warranty agreement.

Please contact the knowledgeable staff at L-Train Electric's Generac Generator Division for more warranty information and to establish if your generator qualifies for the extended warranty.  Please have your generator serial number available (it is located on the inside of the generator enclosure).


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