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Engery Solutions in CT

Energy Solutions CT

Delivering Energy Efficient Upgrades in CT

Each year, the U.S. wastes $130 billion in energy, creating unnecessary pollution, eating up valuable resources, and making us one of the world’s most energy inefficient countries. By working with L-Train to make Energy Efficient Upgrades in your Connecticut home, you can help save the world while also improving the comfort of your home. Whether your motivated by energy bill savings, a comfortable home, or a brighter future for our planet—we’re ready to help you.

L Train Electric proudly offers Energy Solutions in CT to help save our customers’ hard earned money, reduce wasted energy, and improve the comfort and value of their homes. We can walk you through the process needed to improve energy consumption in your home or business. L-Train Electric is a Connecticut based full service Electrical Company, offering comprehensive solutions to conserving energy including:

You Have Energy Choice in CT.

Just as you have the choice to select your cell phone service provider or your car insurance company, you also have the choice to select an energy services company. Connecticut is one of only a handful of states that has deregulated electricity. More than two-thirds of electricity sold is going to people with competitive suppliers and L-Train is here to help do just that. Since deregulation, the utility company is no longer the only option for energy supply.



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